Motorcycle Safety

There Are Six Key Components To Motorcycle Safety.

1. Rider education

2. State Licensing and Laws

3. Impaired Rider Education

4. Apparel Education

5. Motorist Awareness and,

6. First Response.

The Road Guardians

The Road Guardians promote safety and accident scene know-how like no other. They can get you trained properly on all aspects of motorcycle safety and motorcycle accident scene management. You will learn how to act after a crash and that you should contact someone like these New Mexico Motorcycle Accident Lawyers as soon as you can after an accident.

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The Road Guardians Program

The Road Guardians Program was created by Accident Scene Management Inc.. They are a non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists through First Response Education.

More than 20,000 students have been trained by 140+ certified instructors since 1996. The program is built around the deep knowledge and experience of the Accident Scene Management Inc. team. Click here to find an ASMI Certified Instructor.

The Road Guardians program is a national branded program designation. The program offers resources, rewards and recognition to those who are properly trained and properly licensed. The organization encourages motorcyclists to be “lifelong learners” by providing resources and opportunity as well.

Their website provides both free and members only services. The site offers tips on ways to improve riding skills, links to safety education and services, promotes biker owned businesses and provides regular updates on motorcycle events and news. It is one of the most comprehensive motorcycle safety-oriented resources on the web. Subscribing to this can only lessen your chances of ever being involved in a collision or being contacted by someone like motor vehicle accident attorney Gary Bruce looking for compensation for damage you have caused.

Accident Scene Management Inc.

Accident Scene Management, Incorporated (ASMI) is the leading international motorcycle trauma training association. They teach bystanders and EMTs what to do in order to prevent injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists. Accidents involving motorcyclists occur more often than we’d like to admit which is why it’s important to prepare yourself for dealing with such an event. If you’re unfortunate enough to become involved in an incident on the road, have come off your bike, or sustained an injury, you should know that there’s legal help available to you, like from the lawyers over at It’s worth knowing the contact information of lawyers so that you know who to get in touch with following an incident so you can begin to figure out the best way forward with it all.

See Accident Scene Management Inc’s website for more information.

While safety preparations can be made to avoid having an accident on the road, it still does not eliminate the possibility of it occurring. Accidents can strike anyone, anytime. If you are the victim of an accident while out riding, you may want to reach out to someone like this Chicago motorcycle accident attorney.

Ride Safe Out There.

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